Cyber Insurance For Your Business

Securing Your Business: The Imperative for Cyber Protection

In today’s digital landscape, the threat of cyber attacks looms larger than ever before, affecting businesses across all sectors. Recent data from Corvus’s Threat Intel team paints a concerning picture: ransomware attacks have surged by an alarming 1177% between Q1 2021 and Q1 2023. The fallout? Exorbitant payouts that wreak havoc on finances and operations alike.

According to Sophos, the toll of these attacks extends beyond mere financial losses. In 2022, victims who succumbed to ransom demands faced the highest average costs across all industries, averaging a staggering $2,036,189. These figures underscore a harsh reality: threat actors are unrelenting, placing businesses’ very survival at risk.

Cyber Insurance is for all, no matter what industry you hail from, or even the types of clients you serve.  If you host financial transactions, client data, or electronic infrastructures or even send an email, there is an urgent need for robust cyber insurance coverage in today’s business landscape. The stakes have never been higher and the evolution of technology is not slowing. 

Schomp Insurance can help you navigate the landscape of cyber insurance and help you take the crucial steps businesses take to fortify and safeguard your operations against the escalating threat of cyber attacks. Policies and coverages are a proactive way to give you peace of mind as you carry out your daily operations. 

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